This is a website which is going to be most informative and exciting for those who enjoy true crime novels. Throughout the site, there will be a variety of different topics covered, that should be of interest to the reader. Some of the highlights are as follows.

Best and Exciting Crime Novels

There is a multitude of different true crime novels which have been written. Unfortunately, because these are real crimes, they are based on actual circumstances that have taken place. The post here that covers the best and exciting crime novels, is based on a few examples to show the different types of crimes that have taken place, and how they have been covered by the various authors.

What is a True Crime?

When it comes to categories of books, they usually fall into fiction and nonfiction. With true crime, these are nonfiction, meaning the contents of the book are based on true facts. There are undoubtedly many different types of crimes that can take place, which have provided the foundation for so many books to be written about them. The post that covers this topic is very informative, by including the most common types of crime that take place and what is behind them. Readers often will choose a particular kind of crime that they like to follow in true crime books. There is typically not any difficulty doing this, as there are usually a lot of crimes that have fallen into each of the categories

Some of the Best True Crime Authors

It is true that without those committing crimes, that there would not be a topic for true crime authors to write about. However, if these skilled individuals had not put pen to paper, then the general public would not have had the opportunity to find out a great deal more about the crimes of interest to them. Some authors are better than others at being able to relate their story. The post which we have provided here covers some of the many well-known crime authors.


One of the exciting aspects of books is that there are many different genres to choose from. Often when an individual prefers a favourite category, they tend not to look beyond it. However, to broaden one’s experience with enjoying good reads, it is important to look at what some of the other genres are. There is a post here which talks about this and elaborates on some of the more popular ones.

Book Reviews

With so many different books to choose from, making the decision on what to read next can be difficult for some individuals. Some resources can help with this, such as book reviews. Those interested in buying a new book can check out some of the book reviews to give them greater insight as to what the book is about.