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Welcome to the website dedicated to my true crime writing. I hope you enjoy reading its contents. if you are interested in my archaeology writing please visit and if you are interested in my World War One book please visit

I am the author of Jeremy Bamber: Evil, Almost Beyond Belief? a startling reassessment of a notorious case in British criminal history.

I am the only author who wrote books (including Justice for Jill) and articles expressing concern about the conviction of Barry George, the man wrongly jailed for murdering the popular television presenter Jill Dando.

Having closely examined the case it was clear to me that George was the victim of one of the most shocking miscarriages of justice Britain has ever seen.

I also investigate unsolved murders, including murder mysteries as far back as the 19th century. This is the subject of two of my books, entitled Unsolved Murders in South Yorkshire and Unsolved Murders in and Around Derbyshire. Historic crimes in the county of Derbyshire are the subject of my book Deadly Derbyshire.


Details of my books and articles can be found on this website. Feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to discuss my work.


You can read more about me by clicking on the ‘About S. C. Lomax’ link at the left of this page.


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