About S. C. Lomax

Scott Lomax

I was born in 1982. I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2004, with a degree in Archaeology and Prehistory. I am employed as an archaeologist. However, writing is my passion and within days of finishing my university course, my debut book The Case of Barry George was published. I have gone on to write books about notorious convicted mass murderer Jeremy Bamber, unsolved murders and historic crimes.

I began writing at the age of eight. My earliest work was written for personal interest but I later began to submit articles for publication in magazines, a number of which were printed. Whilst at university I wrote for student news websites in Sheffield and a national website.

In addition to writing books, I have written many articles for newspapers including the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday Express.

I focus on researching and writing about unsolved crimes and historic crimes. However, in the past I have researched and written about miscarriages of justice. I helped run the Justice for Barry campaign, which aimed to overturn the conviction of Barry George. I attended most of the retrial in 2008 and was present when Barry was acquitted.

I also ran the Justice for James Power campaign. In December 2004 James Power, and co-accused Graham Huckerby, had their convictions for conspiring to commit armed robbery overturned at the Court of Appeal. Sadly James Power died a year after his release.

Inevitably I have been accused of 'believing in the innocence of anyone who claims to be innocent.' This is contrary to the facts. Of the approximately two hundred cases I have studied, mainly in Britain and the USA, I have become convinced of the innocence of six individuals and I continue to be involved in these campaigns (with the exception of those whose appeals have already been successful). Where I have uncovered information proving the guilt of someone who claims to be innocent, I have worked towards destroying their campaign. For example, Terence Allen, Michael Brown and Simon Hall.

I have a 'tough on crime' attitude and although I believe that most people are capable of rehabilitation it is my belief that those guilty of the most vile of crimes should never be released from prison. To this end I unsuccessfully appealed to the Attorney General against the sentences of Dano Sonnex and Nigel Farmer, which I argued were 'unduly lenient'. It is my belief both men should die in prison, with no prospect of parole.

As a result of being involved in high profile cases, I have frequently featured in the press, magazines, given interviews on radio and BBC News. You can read some of the articles on this website, linked from the ‘In the News’ section.

In addition to writing true crime, I also write about local history and archaeology. However, this website is dedicated to my true crime writing.

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