The Case of Barry George

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  • Out of Print
  • June 2004
  • Pages: 200
  • ISBN 10: 0755205006 | ISBN 13: 978-0755205004

The first book that helped free Barry George.

Although Barry George is now a free man, with his conviction quashed and with him being found Not Guilty at his retrial in 2008, this book is still of great value especially in showing the flaws of the criminal justice system and in attempting to answer the question: who murdered Jill Dando? Below you can a description of the book written upon its publication.

Has justice been served or is an innocent man in prison and a cold-blooded killer still on the loose? That is the question you are asked to consider when reading my debut book The Case of Barry George.

This true crime book discusses the case of Barry George who, in July 2001, was convicted of the murder of the television presenter Jill Dando. The Barry George trial was very high-profile; it was the British equivalent of the OJ Simpson trial in the USA. Unlike Simpson, George was convicted and is still fighting against his conviction.

The murder of Jill Dando resulted in one of the largest police investigations ever held in Britain. Dando's status as the 'face of the BBC', which was how she was frequently described after her death, meant the press eagerly followed all developments in the case. As a consequence of the immense media attention and public concern, the police were aware that a conviction was necessary.

The Case of Barry George provides detailed discussion of the murder, the police investigation and the subsequent conviction of Barry George.

My book discusses, in more detail than any other book on the case, all of the evidence and attempts to show that what was termed "compelling evidence" does not prove that George was in any way involved in this terrible crime. Indeed it argues that George was elsewhere at the time of the murder. The weaknesses in the prosecution's case are fully exposed and information that the jury never heard, is covered. I have studied forensic science and psychology to show that the forensic evidence and eyewitness testimony provided at trial was highly misleading. On the basis of my research I have highlighted points that the defence really ought to have considered which, had the jury been fully informed of the issues, would have provided ample reason to acquit George. My conclusions are the result of my own research and not the words of Barry George or any of his supporters. My work contains facts that show this could very well be a case that will remain in the annals of criminal history as a lasting reminder of the failings of the British justice system.

This book, which provides some new information that I myself have had some role in acquiring, brings the story fully up to date with a mention of some latest news in the conclusion. The news, which the public have not previously heard, shows that the murder of Jill Dando and the case of Barry George continue to surprise.

The Barry George trial, unsurprisingly, resulted in a large element of what is known as 'trial by media'. Essentially the prosecution case was presented via the media at the expense of the defence's case, which most usually only had a passing reference. As a consequence a number of misconceptions exist. My book attempts to inform people of the truth so that they can realise what they have read and heard previously, is incorrect.

My book argues George's innocence and ultimately leaves the reader with a serious question; who really did kill Jill Dando? I have provided some pointers that were not sufficiently considered by the police. It is interesting that since my book was published I have received a number of intimidating emails from another suspect in the investigation, a man mentioned in my book. Could he be Dando's real killer?

Although this is a book about a British case, it will be of interest to many who like true crime, current affairs and who are interested in the justice system. This case has implications on cases across the world, as it shows just how easily people can be convicted of crimes such as murder.

The paperback is now out of print and so it is not easy to obtain through bookshops (a more updated version of the book (Justice for Jill) was published in 2007.

The book has the approval of Barry George and the backing of the Justice For Barry (JFB) campaign, which supports George in his struggle against his conviction. The campaign (which has a website listed in the links section of this site) believes my book will keep the story alive and will help inform people of the facts. It was, however, written independently of JFB and so the views expressed are my own beliefs based upon the detailed examination of the case which I undertook.

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