Scott Lomax

Writing is my passion and so I regularly work on a large number of projects. This page shows projects I am working on and which will be published in the near future.

I am pleased to announce I am writing a new book regarding the case of Jeremy Bamber and the White House Farm murders. As someone who has spent 13 years researching the case I have a deep interest in what is one of Britain's most controversial criminal cases. My previous book Jeremy Bamber: Evil, Almost beyond Belief? was published an 2008 and largely written during the period 2004-2007. Much has happened since that time and there is a groundswell of interest in an updated book. The book is going to be very different to that published in 2008. It will focus more on interviews with Bamber, police officers, witnesses and in depth research undertaken over the years. I have seen more crime scene photographs, court papers, forensic reports, psychiatric reports and witness statements than any other author who has written about this case.

Recent books about the Bamber case contribute to the wealth of material now publicly available. However, there are glaring errors and unfortunately these errors do a disservice to a full and proper understanding of the case.

My previous book received mixed reviews which is inevitable given the controversial nature of the case. This new book will address some of the criticisms. I will be letting the facts speak for themselves but I will be revealing two pieces of very important evidence, never before revealed, that will provide food for thought.

The book will be more than just an account of the Bamber case; it will also highlight problems in the criminal justice system. I believe that everyone is in agreement whether they believe Bamber to be guilty or not guilty; the police practices and criminal justice system had tremendous flaws in 1985 and 1986 and, as the book demonstrates, those problems continue to this day allowing innocent people to be imprisoned and allowing the guilty to get away with murder. I hope the book will highlight some of the flaws, irrespective of what readers conclude regarding Bamber's guilt or innocence.

Bamber will not be reading this book in advance of its publication.

I will keep you posted regarding the book as it develops.

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