Jeremy Bamber: Evil, Almost Beyond Belief?

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‘fantastic reading’, ‘wonderful’

  • The History Press
  • September 2008
  • Pages: 256
  • ISBN 10: 0750950625 | ISBN 13: 978-0750950626

In October 1986 Jeremy Bamber was convicted of the murders of five members of his family. The case against him involved complex issues of forensic science and witness testimony and the jury had difficulty in reaching their verdicts, as shown by the questions they needed to ask and the length of their deliberations. The trial judge described Bamber as “evil, almost beyond belief” as he was sentenced to life imprisonment, but Bamber has always maintained his innocence during his imprisonment.

In a detailed examination of the evidence, Lomax questions whether Bamber might be justified in his protestations. The circumstances leading to the shootings at White House Farm and police investigation into the deaths is discussed in depth to provide the reader with all of the relevant information. The book then provides a full appraisal of the evidence for and against Bamber. Fresh evidence, which Bamber believes proves his innocence, is discussed in great detail. A large amount of exclusive information is presented. A number of previously unseen photographs are also included.

JEREMY BAMBER: Evil, Almost Beyond Belief? features extracts from personal interviews with Bamber in prison to show how he explains the issues in the case. The extracts also show Bamber's feelings when he was convicted of killing his family and his thoughts on what he claims is a huge miscarriage of justice. I have had quite extensive access to Bamber through interviews in prison., telephone calls and letters over a period of more than five years.

JEREMY BAMBER: Evil, Almost Beyond Belief? allows the reader to reach their own conclusion as to whether Bamber is the victim of a miscarriage of justice or whether he is truly evil, almost beyond belief.

The hardback edition is now out of print, although used copies are available through Amazon. It is, however, available as a Kindle ebook.

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