Justice for Jill – the book that helped free Barry George

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'A must read', 'Very good', 'Fascinating', 'An extraordinarily competent piece of work', 'carefully researched ... meticulous'

  • John Blake Publishing
  • June 2007
  • Pages: 296
  • ISBN 10: 1844544044| ISBN 13: 978-1844544042

This was the updated version of The Case of Barry George. I was the only author to write a book arguing that George was innocent of Jill Dando’s murder and I am proud that my book helped end this miscarriage of justice. Whilst George is now free, this book is still relevant because it shows how evidence was misrepresented to help convict an innocent man. The issue of who really did kill the popular TV star is still a mystery. The crime, the suspects, the theories and all the evidence is presented in my book.


Did Barry George kill Jill Dando? By 1999, Jill Dando was at the height of her powers. In her role on Crimewatch she was Britain's best-loved television presenter, about to marry the love of her life and destined for even greater things. She'd come a long way since her early years in Weston-super-Mare and her humble start in journalism on the Western Mercury. In April that year it all came to a brutal end when she was gunned down in an execution-style hit outside her own front door in West London. The country was stunned and the police were baffled for years. But in July 2001, they were convinced they'd got their man and Barry George was convicted of the murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, having been told that he was 'unpredictable and dangerous'. The evidence against George was described as 'compelling', yet his case remains one of the most controversial in British criminal history. Justice for Jill brings the case up to date, based upon extensive research and discussion with those who know him. And if it turns out that it wasn't him - then who did kill Jill Dando?

The book has the approval of Barry George and the backing of the Justice For Barry (JFB) campaign, which supports George in his struggle against his conviction. The campaign (which has a website listed in the links section of this site) believes my book will keep the story alive and will help inform people of the facts. It was, however, written independently of JFB (although information relating to Barry George's background and time in prison was acquired from the campaign). The views expressed are my own beliefs based upon the detailed examination of the case which I undertook.

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