While most people find true crime books to be most intriguing, there are several other genres that can be as equally entertaining.

How to Books

For those who enjoy books that are going to broaden their knowledge, they will often want to turn to “how to” books. These have increased in popularity as more people have taken on the do-it-yourself approach of accomplishing tasks. A good example of this is a book called Casino Games. The author is Anna Southgate. The contents of the book revolve around a full understanding of the rules and strategies of casino games. For casino enthusiasts, they will no doubt find this book to be most informative. Then when they go to enjoy great online casino entertainment like that which is found at Unibet, they will be much more informed.


Having insight into a person’s life can be very interesting to many people. A biography is a highly detailed book about a person’s real life. Many biographies detail a person’s life events and experiences. Biographies also give some background and facts about a person’s relationships, work, education and even death.


There are so many cookbooks out there that it is difficult to choose which ones you would gain the most use from. There is an abundance of different types of cookbooks. There are category-specific ones like an appetiser, cookie, gourmet, poultry, beef etc. There are also family cookbooks that pretty much cover every category. There are cookbooks available on specific cooking methods like barbecuing, slow cooker, and deep frying etc.


A great fiction author must have a very vivid imagination. Fiction books can include mysteries, romances, crime, fantasy, as well as many other topics. Fiction novels are great for the escape of real life for some readers. Reading a good romance fiction novel can be very exciting. Action-packed fictional novels can keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

The genre of books is proven to be most educational. They are used by many school-aged children for project research. The ability to improve grammar and spelling and proper pronunciation of words is greatly enhanced by reading dictionaries and encyclopedias. Dictionaries are very useful as they explain the meaning(s) of words and where the word originated.

Guides and Repair Books

It is a well-known fact that relying on repair experts to fix various items can be very costly. There are repair books and operational guides for just about everything. These books can assist in self-teaching, saving you a lot of money.

Craft Books

There is a large variety of craft and hobby books available to choose from. There are books on woodworking, knitting, folk art, pottery, sewing and many many other topics. Hobbies and craft making has been around for years and is still enjoyed by many different ages.