There are many different authors that deserve recognition for their writings about true crime. The list of these type of authors is a long one. Each of them has their style, and those that are most popular can capture the attention of the reader from the first page.

Criminals Writing True Crime

The majority of true crime authors are not ones that have participated in the actual events of their writings. There is, on occasion, a criminal that will turn out a true crime book based on their events. Reading a book written by a murderer can indeed be a chilling experience.

Impressive True Crime Writers

Some of the most affluent True Crime Authors have witnessed crimes taking place. Other authors have done an incredible amount of research and may even have attended the court proceedings. Some well known popular True Crime authors are as follows:

  • Joe Sharkey – Joe was once a columnist for The New York Times. His skills as an investigative journalist have led him to write some amazing true crime novels. Joe has written Deadly Greed, Above Suspicion, and Death Sentence. Above Suspicion, one of his most popular books, describes how an FBI Agent murdered his informant mistress.
  • Darcy O’Brien – Darcy was the son of a frequent female co-star of John Wayne. His most famous book is The Hillside Stranglers. This book was written about the horrific crimes of Kenny Bianchi and Angelo Buono Jr. In the 1970s, these two cousins were responsible for slaying women in the Hollywood Hills. Darcy was inducted into the Oklahoma Writers Hall of Fame one year before he died.
  • Thomas Thompson – Thomas, a journalist, was popular for his book Blood and Money. This novel was about a wealthy Texan oil tycoon, Ash Robinson. The murder victims were Joan and John Hill. Ash was Joan’s father. It outlines the scandal and the alleged involvement of Ash in the crime.
  • Ann Rule – Ann Rule was once a law enforcement officer in Seattle before becoming a writer. The first true crime novel Ann wrote was The Stranger Beside Me. This book is about Ted Bundy and the string of murders he committed. Ann knew Ted personally as they worked together at a suicide crisis hotline. This launched Ann’s career and is now the author of 35 true crime books.
  • M. William Phelps – Phelps is an investigative journalist and a true crime writer. He is one of The New York Times best authors. In 2014, he wrote the book, Obsessed. This true crime novel is about a love triangle. Nelson Sessler met Sheila Davalloo in Stamford, Connecticut, at a Research Lab. They began a romance. However, when Nelson began seeing another coworker, Sheila became very violent. A must read!

Styles of Writing True Crime Novels

Every authors has their own style of writing. Some authors try to capture the reader’s interest in the first few pages. Other authors like to lead the reader in slowly and then explode with excitement. The best authors of true crime conduct much research and interviews and spend time around the people that may have been directly or indirectly involved in the crime they are writing about. It is not uncommon for true crime readers to start forming favourites when it comes to authors.

The ability to write a great true crime novel is something to be mastered. All facets of the book are important – the introduction, the story, and the ending.