Everyone will have their favourites when it comes to the type of books they like to read. Two popular categories are fiction and non-fiction. For many that have an interest in books about crime, they tend to go for the non-fiction, which is true crime.

Types of True Crime

There are many different types of true crime which not only include murder but atrocities that are often revealed through the writing of those who have been subjected to them.

Looking at True Crime

True crime novels are written about crimes that have taken place in real life. The author captures and examines all the details and actions of the people involved and puts it into an action-packed novel. Most of the crimes that are written about are murders. About 40% of the true crime murder novels are written about serial killers. There are many other true crimes that are written about.

The Mob (Mafia)

Many people are interested in Mafia-based crimes. This is known as organised crime. The Mafia was and still is involved in various crimes. These crimes include murder, rape, embezzlement, fraud, drug trafficking amongst many other crimes. The Mafia is comprised of many well known Italian Families who capitalise on power and authority.

Biker Gangs

Another interesting topic of true crime is the insight into the many biker gangs that exist. Some gangs are local, while others are national or even international. As with the Mafia, they are territorial and commit crimes to gain power and authority. Biker gangs quite often have rivalries between different gangs. Some biker gangs also work hand in hand with the Mafia. Many bikers in today’s time have professional occupations as well.

Cultural Gangs

There are many gangs worldwide, and most cultures have their gangs. Some common gangs are comprised of a group of Russians, a group of African Americans, a group of Asians etc. Gangs are all about taking control by using crime and intimidation.

Political Crime

Many people are aware that there are crimes that take place in politics. Not all politicians are crooked, but some have been caught abusing their authority. Those that are interested in reading about politics would find this topic to be of interest.

Law Enforcement Crime

All law enforcement agencies are trained to serve and protect people. However, some law enforcers think they are above the law. This can lead to criminal activities within the agencies. There have been many reports on “bad” cops, which have lead to convictions and dismissal from the job.